Moroccan M’hancha


Delicious Moroccan pastry specialty with a heavenly saffron-almonds and walnut filling.

Weight 14.1oz / 400g

Baklava – Just delicious!
Maji’s Moroccan Spice Blend

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The Royalty!

M’hancha is a Moroccan Pastry Specialty and a joyful explosion for the taste buds! Deliciously vegan, like all our products!

Loaded with almonds, which are peeled by hand, roasted, and infused with Morocco’s favorite flavors from mother nature.

Orange, saffron, and other delicious fragrances will make this experience a special one. Heavenly flavors inside, light and crispy outside!

As always freshly baked with natural and pure ingredients – NO shortening, NO preservatives! Just great taste, freshness, and quality!

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