Maji’s Moroccan Spice Blend


NEW 2021 shop addition! Our signature Moroccan Spice Blend made with 22 organic high-quality organic spices is freshly ground and packaged by us.

Size: 3.53 oz /  100 g in a Mason Jar


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All roots and seeds are non-irradiated and from a trusted source. This traditional Moroccan seasoning adds amazing flavors to everything cooked, roasted, sauteed, marinades, and more.  It is an ingredient in many delicious Moroccan dishes and we use it in almost everything we cook.

Ras el Hanout means “crown of the shop” and Moroccan spice vendors take pride in making their blend. It is called the same all over the country, but every shop has its own signature recipe. They differ by the number of ingredients and the amount of each one. Depending on the region, there are differences in taste and color. Ras el Hanout can be made with more than 30 ingredients.

In Morocco, it is also believed to enhance health and support the digestive system. With organic ingredients like turmeric, black cumin seeds, ginger, and many more roots and seeds that are known to have health benefits. Read more about The Flavors of Morocco


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