Conscious Cookie


The best vegan cookies are the ones that taste great without the use of questionable ingredients! This cookie is made with chickpeas, pecans, and other gluten-free ingredients. Loaded with conscious yumminess!



Made with organic buckwheat, chickpeas, pecan nuts, and chocolate chips. With sweetness from fruits and pure brown cane. We have health-conscious customers who love these cookies and they told us that they remind them of Lebkuchen, the German gingerbread. An alternative for everyone on a healthy diet.

Please note if you are allergic to gluten: Although the cookies are made with gluten-free ingredients, our kitchen processes baked goods that contain gluten, therefore they are NOT certified gluten-free!

As all our cookies and baked goods, free of shortening and palm oil, made with organic ingredients.
Packed in eco-friendly packaging.

purchase quantity 12
weight: each cookie 2oz / 57g

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