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Moroccan Layered Bread

Most likely the best bread you have never tried! A traditional Moroccan bread with thin layers. This bread requires a bit of time and experience to achieve fluffy layers, the softness on the inside, but also a little crispiness on the outside.

It is important to expand the dough as much as possible to achieve many thin layers without to rip it apart. There is no commercial yeast in the dough, which means timing, temperature, and the right combination of flour and semolina play a significant role in making it.

Moroccans serve it plain with fresh brewed sweet mint tea, but also with main dishes, sweet spreads, or as a wrap with savory fillings. It can be prepared with butter or oil.

As a fully vegan business and household, my bread is made with high-quality cold-pressed olive oil to achieve the best result.

I recommend eating this bread fresh made and warm. Once it is cold or leftover from the day ahead, it can be easily reheated in a hot non-stick pan to regain its’s fluffiness and aroma. There is no oil necessary for reheating. Order here.

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