About Me

Welcome to my page! I am Maji, the owner of Plants Water Love, a home-based vegan cottage food business. Licensed and permitted by the beautiful City of Long Beach, I make everything I sell on this site from scratch. With the best quality ingredients, my recipes, much love, and care I ensure that you will have a great experience. All my products and recipes are vegan, and the bread I bake is naturally leavened and free of commercial yeast. Therefore, I need your order 2 days in advance to start the natural fermentation process for your delicious artisan bread.

My husband, our daughter, and I moved to Long Beach in 2019. Now, I am doing what I love – baking and cooking. I sell my baked goods and share my recipes—many of them created by me, some inspired by others. Having lived in three Countries and Continents with different food cultures and languages helped me to expand my knowledge of food, herbs, spices, and their benefits for our health. It also increased my love for cooking, baking, and my curiosity to try different foods and recipes. I love to create new dishes and flavors, I love what I do, and I do it with care, kindness, and respect!

Whether you want to try my baked goods or my recipes, you are welcome to explore my page!